Benefits of Reservation Master

There are many benefits of using a software package such as Reservation master:-

Throw your booking sheets away!

Even if your hotel or guest house is quite small, say between 6 and 12 rooms, a paper based booking system can be cumbersome. Moving back and forth between weeks and months can be fiddly.

You just want to make the booking and get on with making your existing clients happy. After all if they are happy, they will become your future clients too.

With Reservation master you can do just that. You can see your bookings for a whole month at once. You can move between the next and previous months or years bookings simply by clicking on one button or tab.

Once your booking is made, you can then return back to your bookings for this month simply by clicking another button.

All on screen navigation is very clearly labelled and you will become familiar with the operation in a matter of seconds.

No more flipping forward in the book to make a booking and then making sure you go back to this month so that you current bookings are visible.

Crystal clear information

When you make a booking in Reservation master you can record your clients contact information. You can use this to confirm with your clients their booking,

You can also use this for marketing purposes. For instance to see how they enjoyed their stay with you or if they would like to take advantage of your special offers.

Know how Full You Are

Up to date occupancy levels are displayed across the top of the booking sheet for each day. This is color coded starting with pale green for low levels of occupancy moving through yellow and orange to finish at red for full occupancy.

You can use this to see how full the hotel is, maybe you need to bring in extra staff for the busy days this will tell you instantly when you need to do this.

Better workflow

By using Reservation master you will be able to make your bookings quicker and easier than with the your existing old system. At the same time you are building a valuable resource of client information for future reference.

You will be able to use this when planning staffing and stock levels for next year. You will also be able to see when your quiet periods were and maybe take some time off then or maybe offer discounted rates to entice more clients during the quiet periods.

You are able to enter bookings retrospectively and so you can enter client and booking details from your previous years records. This will enable you to instantly see how the hotel performed in the years before you started using Reservation master.

And so from day one you are able to build up a valuable picture of your business performance.

Improved Reporting

With a paper based system is very difficult to build up a picture of your business. With an automated system like Reservation master, it could not be easier.

Here are some of the reports that you are able to generate:-

  • Today's Guest List - Useful for Fire Drills.
  • Arrivals and Departures
  • Occupancy Levels, by day, month, in text and chart form
  • Sales, Income and Tax
  • Payments due
  • Projected Daily Income

All these reports will help you build up a picture of how your business is performing both in previous months and in the coming months.

Integrated and Customised Invoicing

The creation of customer invoices is built into Reservation Master, no need to open up a previous invoice in your word processor and then manually copy the details across.

Simply choose "Guest Invoice" by right clicking on a booking and an invoice complete with your logo and contact details, complete cost information and clients' details will be generated for you to print out