Reservation Master is Easy to Use

Just how easy is Reservation master to use? I'm too busy to read a long complex manual before I can start using it.

There's no need to worry, just follow this simple tutorial and you'll be up and running in no time

Reservation Master Start up Screen

When you run Reservation master you will see the following screen

This is the booking sheet for a small guest house, you can see at a glance which rooms are booked and for how long.


Before we start to make any bookings, it is a good idea to enter the contact details etc of your business. That way any invoices and confirmation letters etc will have a professional and business like appearance.

So select the configuration item from the File menu and you will see this dialog

The are a set of categories on the left hand side Company Details, Tax Codes, Room and rates etc.

The Company Details is displayed first, so fill in your details and then select each of the categories in turn and enter the relevant details. For example here is the Room and rates sub category:-

Once you have entered all your details press Save and then Exit. You are then back at the booking sheet. Here you can enter a booking. First of all select the correct year by using the Next Year and Prev year toolbar buttons across the top. Then select the correct month using the month tabs at the bottom.

Once you are at the correct month, place the mouse cursor over the date you want to start the booking and the room and click the right mouse button. From the menu that appears, choose New Reservation:-

The Reservation dialog appears:-

Enter the details of the reservation, the number of nights, adults and children staying, the payment method etc. To enter the guests details (name etc), click on the button next to the Guest Code. The program will ask you if you want to create a new guest.

If this is a new guest press yes and then enter the details in the

Or if the guest has stayed with you before and you already have their details, press no and then search for them from the displayed dialog:-

Once all the details of the booking are entered press Save and then Exit and you will be returned to the booking sheet with the new booking

When a guest checks out and is ready to pay the bill you can print their invoice by simply right clicking over their booking on the booking sheet and choosing Guest Invoice from the menu. This will display the Guest Invoice Dialog

Press the Pay button and then enter the amount and select the Payment Type:-

You can press the Preview button to preview the guest invoice:-

Or press the Print button to print the invoice.

So there are the basic features of Reservation Master, the ones you will need to know about to get you started. Have a play around; the program conforms to the same design as most Microsoft Windows programs (control-c and v for cut and paste etc). It won't take you long to find your way around.