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Simple One Click Download

By now you're probably convinced that Reservation Master will make a positive impact on your business, but you're not convinced enough to shell out your hard earned cash just to find out

No problem, because Reservation Master is available on a free 30 days trial. This allows you to download it and try it out in your business for a whole month without payment.

Once after the trial period ends and you are satisfied that Reservation Master does allow you to make your bookings quicker and easier, provides you with better, more accurate reporting and enables you to automate your invoicing and provide a professional image to your clients.

All that you need to do to continue using Reservation Master is to register it. Simply by visiting the website and clicking on the Order Now tab. You will now see two buttons one for each version. Click on the version that you want and you will be taken to the payment page.

Here you can enter your payment details and you will be provided with a registration key. Enter this into Reservation Master's startup dialog and instantly you will be able to continue using the program.

All your existing bookings, client details and reporting tools will still be available. You do not need to re-enter any of your data to continue running your business as before.


There are two versions of Reservation Master available for download, the regular version and a Pro version. What's the difference? Well the Pro version has all the features of the regular one plus a few extra ones.

The table below highlights the differences:-

Elimination of bulky booking sheets Yes Yes
Crystal clear reservation data Yes Yes
Up to date occupancy levels Yes Yes
Calendar View Tab Yes -
Create an occupancy web page Yes -
Color coded occupancy information Yes Yes
Security Access and User Audit Yes -
XML Export of Occupancy information Yes -
Automated letter or email confirmation Yes Yes
Automated letter or email confirmation Yes Yes
Automated invoices Yes Yes
Financial control and reporting Yes Yes
Customized export of guest data Yes Yes
Create custom reports using SQL database queries Yes -